5 Restaurants Across Canada Offering Must-Find Fried Chicken

Whether served as dippable finger food or between fresh, toasted buns, fried chicken is a guilty pleasure Canadians love all year round. This week on Tuesday, July 6th, we’re dedicating #TakeoutDay to this crispy, juicy, flavourful delicacy for Fried Chicken Day!

Looking for some must-find fried chicken near you? Here are 5 restaurants across Canada to get you started.

Juke Fried Chicken (Vancouver, BC)

Described as a hip Vancouver kitchen, Juke Fried Chicken is a Chinatown must-stop for any BC explorer.

Enjoy their Chicken and Waffles; house-made Belgian-style waffles topped with pickled jalapenos, maple chipotle drizzle and crispy fried chicken. A gluten-free version is also available.

Address: 182 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC. @jukefriedchicken

Alberta Fried Chicken (Edmonton, AB)

Made from a secret Albertan recipe, AFC’s fried chicken is juicy, mouth-watering, seasoned perfection and Edmontonians need to get on their many flavours, stat.

Try their signature AFC Classic Chicken (can you figure out the recipe) or other top flavours including Frank’s RedHot, Lemon Pepper Garlic and Smoky Crushed Chilli.

Address: 2435 17 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB. @albertafriedchicken

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Magic Bird Fried Chicken (Winnipeg, MB)

Found inside Winnipeg’s The Handsome Daughter, Magic Bird Fried Chicken offers fried chicken in mild, hot, scorcher and country fried heat levels.

Like your chicken cheesy? Order the Cheese Wizard, topped with bacon, pickled jalapenos and cheese sauce!

Address: 61 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB. @magicbirdfriedchicken

Monga Fried Chicken (Toronto, ON + Additional Locations)

Inspired by the renowned fried chicken of Monga District, Taiwan, Monga Fried Chicken is bringing thick, juicy, honey-marinated fried chicken to a takeout window near you.

Satisfy your fried chicken cravings with their Crispy Thighs, Gatao Crispy Legs or Crispy Drumsticks. Wings, tenders, nuggets and popcorn-style are also available.

Address: For a Monga Fried Chicken location nearest you, click here@mongacanada

Backoos Korean Food (Halifax, NS)

Backoos is ready to show you how they’re the best Korean food you’ll uncover in Halifax, and we highly recommend starting with their Korean Fried Chicken.

Order their BK Ultimate Chicken Box to receive all their available flavours in one tasty box, plus Mandoo and Gimmari.

Address: 1360 Birmingham Street, Halifax, NS. @backoos_korean_food