6 Dishes Across Canada for Celebrating National Ketchup Day

Happy National Ketchup Day!

In celebration of one of Canada’s favourite condiments, here are how restaurants across the country are having diners catch up with Ketchup-topped dishes this season.

Shameless Buns (Vancouver, BC)

Big appetite in BC? Order the Little Sausage from Shameless Buns!

The Little Sausage features longaniza (Filipino sweet and spicy pork sausage), atchara (pickled papaya slaw), a sunny egg, sriracha mayo, green onion, fried garlic and BANANA ketchup!

Address: 5772 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC. @shamelessbuns


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Ceilis (Calgary, AB)

Two comfort foods combine at Ceilis with the delicious Meatloaf Mac!

This Calgarian take on two classics combines chorizo, chuck meatloaf, aged cheddar mac and cheese and ancho chili ketchup.

Address: 933 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB. @ceiliscalgarydt


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Baba's Homestyle Perogies (Saskatoon, SK)

Perogies, ketchup AND free delivery ($20+)? Count us in.

Try their Smokie on a Bun (not pictured), complete with options such as fried onions, sauerkraut plus ketchup and mustard on the side as requested.

Address: 720 51st St, Saskatoon, SK. @babasyxe

Kernels Popcorn (Multiple Locations)

Watching a movie, or just need a crunchy snack?

Kernels offers tangy, tasty Kickin’ Ketchup Popcorn!

Address: For the Kernels Popcorn online store, click here, or visit your nearest Kernels. @kernelspopcorn

Pizza Shab (Toronto, ON)

Ketchup-topped pizza? Yes, please!

Roll into Pizza Shab for halal, deep dish pizza like their Rolling Mix Pizza; beef, chicken, green/red peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, special white sauce and ketchup!

Address: For a Pizza Shab nearest you, click here@pizza.shab

Smoke's Poutinerie (Multiple Locations)

The most fun ketchup’s ever had on a poutine, order The Funhouse from Smoke’s Poutinerie.

This poutine features tater tots, cheese curds, Smoke’s signature gravy, POGO®, double-smoked bacon, maple syrup, mustard and, of course, ketchup.

Address: For a location nearest you, click here@smokes_poutinerie