8 Restaurants Across Canada Offering Delicious Dumplings

A perfect food holiday to enjoy on the first weekend of fall, this Sunday is National Dumpling Day!

Delicious dough balls chock full of flavour, there are so many ways to enjoy dumplings, whether stuffed with meats, fish, cheeses, sweets, veggies or simply on their own.

Ready to roll on dipping into dumplings in your neighbourhood? Here are 8 dumpling offerings across Canada to get your eyes and taste buds excited.

Popina (Vancouver, BC)

Available fresh or for frozen delivery, The Dumpling King has served over 560,000 dumplings and counting!

Try the royal JWB Pork Belly + Scallion Dumplings, comprised of fresh ground pork belly, sesame oils, scallions, premium dark soy, Shaoxing wine, Chinkiang vinegar, Worcestershire, cane sugar and light premium soy.

Address: 1370 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC. @therealdumplingking

Dumpling Drop (Victoria, BC)

Located in Chinatown, Dumpling Drop also offers freshly fried, or frozen, dumplings using traditional methods with a modern flare.

Flavour offerings include Pork Belly, Vegan and various weekly specials.

Address: 556A Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC. @dumplingdrop

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Happy Veggie House (Calgary, AB)

“Your favourite Chinese food made vegetarian,” Happy Veggie House is beloved by diners of the vegan and non-vegan variety.

Order their 10pc of Vegetarian Dumplings which come pan-fried and stuffed with mixed vegetables.

Address: 303 Centre St. S.W., #109, Calgary, AB. @happyveggiehouse

Tang Bistro (Edmonton, AB)

With a menu full of fabulous Asian fusion, hand-pulled noodles and mouthwatering bbq, there’s never a doubt as to whether the dumpling experience will be just as fantastic.

Current dumpling offerings include Pork & Chives, Pork & Celery and Pork & Cabbage. Ask about the Tang Picnic Kit which includes dumplings and additional pairings.

Address: 8715 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB. @tangbistro

North Garden (Winnipeg, MB)

Warming you up with “unfussy” eats, North Garden specializes in Cantonese dishes, dim sum and, of course, dumplings!

Indulge in an 8pc order of their Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings or a 10pc of their soft and chewy Steamed Dumplings.

Address: 33 University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB. @northgardenrestaurant

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Mother’s Dumplings (Toronto, ON)

“Home is where the dump is” and for dump(ling) lovers in Toronto, that’s with Mother.

Enjoy Mother’s dumplings in Pork & Chives, Vegetarian Chives and Noodles, Shrimp/Pork/Egg & Chives, Chicken & Mushroom or Pork & Dill.

Address: 421 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON. @mothersdumplings

The Momo Spot (Ottawa, ON)

Dishing out Napalese dishes in Lansdowne Farmers Market, it’s time to go-go and get your Momo.

Complete with a homemade sauce, their Napalese dumplings, aka Momos, come in Jhol, Chili, Vegan, Chicken and Pork.

Address: Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, ON. @themomospot

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Qinghua Dumplings (Montreal, QC)

Popular with students and city wanderers, Qinghua Dumplings is a tasty must-stop for casual Chinese fare including their dumplings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, ask for their Peanut Butter Dumplings for lunch. Frozen takeaway flavours also include Pork & Mushroom, Shrimp Wonton, Lamb & Coriander, Curry Beef and more.

Address: 1675 Maisonneuve, Montreal, QC. @qinghuadumplings