A&W Launches The All-New Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger

Pickle lovers have been savouring chamoy pickles and dill pickle chips since the pickle trend has taken off, and now they have a delectable new item to obsess over: A&W’s all-new limited-time offer, the Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger®.

Pickles are so hot right now, and so is the Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger thanks to the addition of a creamy, spicy dill aioli. Launched on August 21st, the Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger is complemented with sliced pickles, onions and real cheddar cheese, all served on a perfectly seasoned grass-fed beef patty and a toasted sesame seed bun.

“As someone who’s always been a fan of pickles, I was totally on board when the pickle trend started buzzing. I knew that we had to create a one-of-a-kind burger that really  brings out the tangy and salty pickle vibe. And let’s talk about that mouth-watering creamy, spicy dill aioli – it brings a fresh and fiery interpretation to the classic Mama  Burger that you just can’t resist!” said Karan Suri, Director of Menu Development for A&W Canada.

Try out the new Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger at an A&W Restaurant near you all across
Canada, available for a limited time only. Get it for just $5.99 (plus tax). After all, it’s here for a spicy time, not a long time!