Busy B.C. Ferry Terminal Gets New UpMeals SmartVending Installation

For those busy BC ferry commuters who always find themselves hungry, UpMeals has installed a new UpMeals SmartVending machine inside the Tsawwassen Quay Market at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

Locals, tourists and staff who need a bite to eat on the go can now enjoy fast, tasty meals provided in individual-sized packaging from morning until late evening, escaping the closed signs of other local establishments. Selections include salads and bowls, wraps, juices, breakfast items, snacks and entrees, assisted by the studies of success, purchasing and times of usage of the SmartVending machines found at SFU and UBC campuses.

“The team at Quay Properties understood the market demand for a healthy solution that’s accessible 24/7,” said Drew Munro, Co-founder and CEO of UpMeals. “We look forward to feeding thousands of customers at this busy terminal that’s only going to get busier as the travel season peaks. We anticipate strong demand with daily sell-outs as we are seeing with our current university installations.”

“As restrictions have eased from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve continued to experience record travel numbers at our ferry terminals,” said Taylor Mathiesen, President, Quay North Urban Development. “What has been missing is a healthy and accessible grab-n-go option for our customers. We look forward to offering them delicious meals and snacks available in the UpMeals SmartVending machines.”

An honourable mention? The packaging of these selections is 100% sustainable due to its ability to break down for composting and recycling after use. Win-Win!