Celebrating Super Bowl LVIII: Get ready for Game Day!

Over the next few days, Canadians from coast to coast to coast will be mulling over what to do, whom to invite or what to serve for Super Bowl LVIII. While some of us will be focused on the on-field action, many or maybe most will be more interested in the accoutrements. While you cannot control the action on the field, you can control what’s happening on the sidelines in your own home or environment. Here are some fun ways to up your game this Sunday.

Touchdown décor

Set the mood with football-themed decorations. Think DIY goalposts, turf-like tablecloths, and touchdown-inspired centrepieces. Amp up the excitement with football-shaped balloons, creating a festive atmosphere that’s game-day ready.

Epic entrance extravaganza

Spice up the pregame festivities by having each guest craft their epic entrance. Touchdown dance? Victory song? Let creativity shine as everyone gets cozy on the couch, setting the stage for a memorable, highly ‘theatrical’ game day.

Commercial bingo

Keep everyone engaged during breaks with Commercial Bingo. Create bingo cards filled with common Super Bowl commercial themes or companies. The first to get a line yells, “Bingo!” and earns a special treat. It’s a game within the game!

National Pizza Day extravaganza

This year the Super Bowl falls right after National Pizza Day on Friday February 9! Keep the celebration going right into Super Bowl. Fortunately, pizza purveyors like Pizza Nova have an assortment of game day offers including a one-topping party pizza, wings, and the Grande Special featuring a large three-topping pizza, two cans of pop and two dips for only $21.99 plus tax. And let the pizza parties begin!


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Super snack stadium

Elevate your snack game with a DIY snack stadium. Arrange snacks into a tabletop football field featuring delicious wings, nachos, sliders, and more. It’s a guaranteed win for both presentation and taste.

The final ingredient is your smile. Be sure to fill your event with laughter, memories, and mouth-watering food from the first kick-off to the last touchdown.