Door to Table Series: Porta

Written by Joel Solish

Which one of us doesn’t love convenience and, more importantly, comfort food?

Sometimes you want to invest hours in a meal and other times, there is an urgency to get a satisfying meal on the table whether midweek or on an activity-filled weekend. Italian food ranks high on a lot of peoples lists of comfort food, so to bridge the gap to have a restaurant-quality meal at home, in steps Porta by the people behind Toronto-famous restaurant Terroni and Stock TC, the grocery/restaurant concept from them and Toronto butcher royalty, Cumbrae’s.

PORTA offers something that doesn’t exist in the market today – an elevated dining experience that saves people time, effort and the dreaded clean-up,” explains Jason Cassidy, founding general manager of PORTA. “Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in North America, has the ability to bring families together, and is highly habitual.”

Porta works on a subscription model, which you can pause or cancel at any time, and offers different delivery frequencies. You can choose from their menu of 8 pizzas, 8 different pastas, and 4 great jarred desserts (that arrive in packs of 4). From my experience, a pizza and/or pasta will easily feed 2 adults.

The meals could not be easier to prepare and clean up after, and you can have food on the table in under 15 minutes, as per the claim by the fine folks at Porta. It is really that simple! This is really the essence of heat and serve, but restaurant-quality, allowing you to feed your crew in a most delicious way.

What is the future for Porta?

“Just like our restaurants, we plan to refresh our current offerings and add new items with seasonality and customer feedback in mind. Stay tuned!” says Porta Executive Chef Daniel

Buon appetito!