Seven Spots Serving Takeout Chili For Comfort Food Couch Surfers

When we think about Chili, we envision of a rich, robust deep red stew simmering in a large crockpot, and with each rising bubble, a pop of aroma fills the air and ignites our appetites for this nostalgic comfort food. 

Despite its origins in Latin America, Chili has become a popular global dish which is easy to make, difficult to perfect and great way to feed the masses. 

Chili is best enjoyed in the comfort of home and there are plenty restaurants across Canada cooking up some incredible Chili. Check out these great spots to get your next bowl to go! 

Dare to go veggie! Enjoy an explosion of flavour with homemade dishes made on sire with fresh products. Belle Verte offers a Maya Vegetarian Chile made with cocoa, cinnamon and chipotle.  

Address: 166 Rue Eddy, Gatineau, QC | @labelle_verte 

Enjoy a nutritious Organic Quinoa Chili, with tomato, red and black beans, kale and organic corn at any branch of Copper Branch’s power food plant-based restaurants.  

Address: Multiple Locations | @copperbranch 


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Add a side of avocado and garlic toast to Lucy’s hearty homestyle beef chili topped with sour cream and green onions – or go for a Chili Cheese Fries for added comfort. 

Address: 2708 Main Street Vancouver, BC | @lucyseastsidediner 

“The next best thing to a hug” Purple Perk’s Beef Chili and Sara’s Veggie Chili are served with cornbread and side greens. Go grab some at this small town café in the Big City! 

Address: 2212 4 Street Southwest Calgary, AB | Menu | Purple Perk 

An old faithful – Fancy Franks has a House made Chili that’s packed with flavor – House made Chili, squeaky curds, gravy and scallions. Served with fresh cut fries. Franks has locations, downtown Toronto and North York. 

Address: 326 College Street Toronto, ON | @fancyfranks 


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Made from scratch hearty chili with ground beef, kidney beans, and a kick of Franks RedHot® sauce, Kelsey’s Burly Beef Chili is topped with a three-cheese blend and served with a pair if cheesy Garlic Honey Buns. 

Address: Multiple Locations | @kelseysroadhouse 

Made from the finest ingredients, Firehouse Chili is composed of ground beef, kidney beans, diced tomatoes and onions. A hearty dish, sure to become one of your favorites. Jazz it up with bacon, onions and jalapenos! 

Feel Good Factor: Supporting Firehouse Subs means supporting first responders. So eat and be merry! 

Address: Multiple Locations | @firehousesubs 


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