Holy Napoli Pizza Expands Distribution Across Canada

As of October 2022, Holy Napoli has increased its availability to over 800 retailers across Canada, doubling their distribution. New retailers for the brand include Loblaws, Atlantic Superstores, and Metro stores. They were already available in other premium grocers including Georgia Main Food Group, Whole Foods Market, Thrifty Foods, Pattison Food Group, Calgary Coop.

The brand is well-known for authentic Neapolitan-style pizza made with “00” flour, only the highest quality tomatoes, and fresh ingredients. Now, more Canadians will have access to 5 flavours of delicious restaurant quality pizzas in the frozen aisle of their local grocer.


Francesca Galasso, Holy Napoli’s founder, opened a popular pizzeria in North Vancouver and built Holy Napoli out of a desire to innovate the frozen pizza aisle in grocery stores. Francesca created recipes that allowed her pizzas to be frozen and baked at home without sacrificing quality, and Holy Napoli was born.

“Since our initial launch it has been our mission to bring authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas to homes across Canada,” says Francesca Galasso, founder and CEO, Holy Napoli Pizza. “I cannot wait for even more Canadians to experience the difference our high quality, fresh ingredients and time-honoured process makes in our frozen pizza.”