How to Get Your Restaurant Noticed on TikTok

In Part 1, How to Start a TikTok for your Restaurant, we explained TikTok, a video entertainment app, and best practices for your business including identification of trends, adaptation and posting.

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Here in Part 2, we’re going to be discussing how to leverage TikTok for your business once you’ve created your account and taken notice of the current app trends. 

With its “For You” style feed and algorithm, based on the detected interests, hobbies and occupations of its individual users, TikTok allows these users to discover and be authentically connected to brands and businesses big and small, and vice versa.

In fact:

  • 56% of TikTokers agreed that the platform helps them decide what to buy​.
  • 67% of TikTokers believe that the platform helps them get ideas about brands/products they would have never thought of before​.
  • 57% say TikTok has inspired them for gift ideas, purchases or to find out mo

How to Tell -Your- Story, the TikTok Way


Get Discovered – To be present and on time is to be discovered. Trends in sounds, gags and styles come and go, so ensure that turnaround and approvals can be swift. 

Engage and Be Engaged – Don’t just post and ghost. Engage the users of your target demographics. You never know when users will choose to be ambassadors through the ease of simply sharing their own experiences on TikTok, whether you’ve hired them to or not.

Create Content Buckets – See which types of content get the most traction as your account grows, but don’t expect to know in the first month, these things take time!). You can’t force virality. Buckets can include dining or diner experiences, behind-the-line previews, dish videos, trends using staff, etc. 

Just Start  – There is no better time, no best time. The time on TikTok is always now.

Stay tuned for Part 3!
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