Fuwa Fuwa is Spreading Happiness in the Form of Fluffy Pancakes

Translating to “Fluffy Fluffy”, Fuwa Fuwa’s name perfectly describes their signature dish. They are a dessert café specializing in Japanese soufflé pancakes, a stack of pancakes with a light, airy texture and a slight sweetness.

To create that perfect texture, each pancake begins with egg whites whipped to soft peaks which are then combined with yolk, sugar, milk, and flour and then cooked low and slow.


That perfect soufflé jiggle doesn’t last long! This delicate dessert is best enjoyed right away, which is why they make each stack fresh to order. They take ~25 minutes to make, but you can order ahead from their Bloor or Yonge & Eglinton location if you want to skip the wait.

Their most popular pancakes are the Tiramisu flavour — covered in cream, cocoa powder, and fruits and then finished in chocolate sauce. Some of the other tasty favourites you’ll find on the menu include Matcha & Red Bean, Blueberry Cheese, and Nutella Banana. Make sure to also try their delicious hot or cold drinks.

So far, Fuwa Fuwa has 9 locations across Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton with Ontario, Alberta, and even global expansion planned for 2022! Franchise opportunities are available.