Itadakimasu! Eight Must-Try Sushi Restaurants Offering Takeout

In case you needed another reason to indulge in a platter of umami-accomplished sushi (and we’re sure you don’t), we’ve got you covered. International Sushi Day is celebrated annually on June 18. The day commemorates the delicious Japanese dish,  made with cooked rice wrapped with nori (seaweed) and filled with an infinite assortment of ingredients from seafood, meat and vegetables to mango, avocado and cream cheese, all paired with soy sauce and the ever-pungent and peppery Wasabi. The bite-sized snack is actually quite healthy and has found innumerable fans across the world.

Right here in Canada, we have some of the best sushi and chef’s taking their own spin on the Asian classic. Celebrate the day with us by grabbing your favourite sushi from any of these winning spots!

Not only does Oroshi use premium sustainably sourced fish, they go a step further to age their seafood for 3-7 days, the process of dry-age allows for the texture of fish become firmer and the flavours more rich. This isn’t the traditional way of making sushi, but it is the Orishi way and they are well known for their unique methods!

Address: 962 College Street, Unit B, Toronto M6H1A5


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Prepared by their purely Japanese team – the passion for traditional cuisine can be found in Ekidon’s balanced dishes, which are prepared according to their customs, meaning you can enjoy more of the typical Japanese flavors! Ekidon is a great place for takeaway sushi as well as an assortment of Japanese sweets, snacks, and drinks.

Address: 951 Avenue Cartier, Québec, Québec G1R 2R8


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Serving us some of the best sushi in Gastown. Momo’s offers a variety of sushi types, as well as noodle dishes and bento boxes. One of Momo’s Party Trays includes 38 pieces (3pcs each Tuna, Salmon, Ebi & Unagi Nigiri, California Roll, Dynamite Roll, Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll). Great for groups looking to share a meal!

Address: 375 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6

Sushi rolled, in a whole other way! Rolltation 100% customizable sushi burritos and poke bowls are packed with ingredients and flavour! For us take-out junkies it is built for takeaway. You select a whole host of ingredients, or choose from their pre-selected combinations and decide on whether you’d like them in a sushi burrito, poke bowl, sald


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Saint Sushi has quickly become one of the sushi references in Montreal as much for its flavors as the festive hip-hop atmosphere that reigns in its premises. It’s all about love and good energy. Indulge yourself with our colorful and delicious sushi named after popular icons such as Michael Jackson, Beatles, Madonna and even Bob Marley!

Address: 424 Avenue Duluth E Montreal, QC H2L 1A3

Indulging on your own, or feeding the masses. Miku Sushi is the way to go in Calgary! Some unique specialties on offer here include the Flames Roll made with Spicy salmon and cucumber inside, with torched salmon, bonito flakes, mayo, spicy sauce on top. Their party trays are full of variety, color and flavour, and it’s all prepared to takeaway and serve without the hassle.
Address: 4323 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary


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A go-to spot for Sushi lovers in Winnipeg. Bluefish offers an easy-to-read and accessible menu for every budget. Having a large event? Their catering menu boasts 500 pieces of sushi for $600. Custom platters can be arranged by phone or email with a minimum of 24hrs notice.
Address: 179 Bannatyne Ave Winnipeg, MB

Sushi Nami Royale is the home of Fusion Specials. Its All Bento Box specials are served with salad, rice, miso soup and one of four Maki options such as Japanese Dumplings, assorted Tempura and Spring Rolls. Additionally, their sushi pizza is lightly breaded & deep fried sushi rice with a topping baked with creamy cheese sauce. Scrumptious!

Address: 1458 Queen Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2H7