Lactalis Canada Partners with the Association of Italian Chefs of Canada

Leading Canadian dairy company, Lactalis Canada, has announced an official partnership between its division Lactalis Canada Foodservice and the Association of Italian Chefs of Canada (AICC) which will see Lactalis Canada’s Galbani Professionale brand as the Association’s Official Sponsor. Galbani Professionale is a line of Italian cheeses crafted specifically for culinary professionals.

“As the company behind Galbani Professionale, Italy’s #1 cheese brand, Lactalis Canada Foodservice is delighted to partner with AICC and bring its top-of-the line cheeses to AICC’s 200 members of culinary professionals who uphold the same high standards of excellence and share our passion for Italian cuisine,” said Iven Zanardo, General Manager, Foodservice, Ingredients & Exports at Lactalis Canada.

AICC is affiliated with the Federazione Italiana Cuochi (FIC), a widely recognized federation dedicated to promoting culinary art, boasting 15,000 members globally, including Canada. This new collaboration will strengthen ties between Lactalis Canada Foodservice and the AICC’s many independent restaurateur and chef members to further promote Italian food products and authentic Italian cooking in Canada.

“I’m delighted to be the president of FIC as we revamp the association and equip our members with the necessary tools to succeed, utilizing quality products such as those from Lactalis Canada. We are thrilled to have Galbani Professionale join us on this mission and join forces in combining the expertise of product development and manufacturing with the leaders of back-of-house execution. Together, we are looking forward to sharing our culinary wisdom and skills as we progress.” said Luciano Schipano, President of Federation of Italian Chefs of Canada (FIC Canada).