Top Game Time Snack for Hockey Season According to SkipTheDishes

Hockey season is upon us! As Canadians gear up for tense nights in with a group of friends huddled around the TV, one question remains. What is the number one snack garnishing Canadian coffee tables everywhere?

Canada’s only homegrown food delivery network, SkipTheDishes, recently settled the debate: 82% of Canadian hockey enthusiasts have chosen chicken wings as their favourite game day snack, with a remarkable 13 million orders placed through the Skip network during this past hockey season.

When it comes to how Canadians enjoy chicken wings, one thing’s for sure – we like it saucy. Skip’s analysis finds that not only do 80% like sauce on their wings, but 46% of people prefer their wings sauced or extra saucy.

Provincially, we’ve got chicken wing sauce preferences – 68% of Quebec residents like their wings dry or lightly sauced, while 53% of Ontario residents want their wings sauced or extra saucy.

Of those who choose chicken wings as their ultimate game-day treat, 61% devour at least 1.5 pounds during a game.

SkipTheDishes is honouring Canadians’ favourite hockey game snack by offering fans the dream chicken wing order – ‘Double Overtime Wings’ are now available to order from Boston Pizza exclusively now on Skip! Get a double order of Boston Pizza’s most popular starter, oven-roasted, fried or boneless.