Lobster Favorites Return to Taco Del Mar Restaurants

As one of the few Mexican fast-casual brands featuring lobster on its menus, Taco Del Mar is bringing back its popular lobster offerings for the fourth year.

Consumers can dive into the Tropical Lobster Taco and Classic Lobster Taco, both made with lobster and seafood mixed with onions, serrano peppers and cilantro served chilled on warm corn tortillas. The Tropical Lobster Taco is topped with shredded cabbage, made-in-house mango salsa and cilantro lime vinaigrette served with a lime wedge, while the Classic Lobster Taco is made with shredded cabbage, Baja white sauce, pico de gallo and a lime wedge.

“We understand that guest demands and cravings shift when the seasons change, and we embrace those changes as opportunities to bring flavor-forward items to our seasonal menu,” said Mike Gieseman, Vice President of Culinary and Innovation. “With summer quickly approaching, we’re offering our guests what they are craving by bringing back the light and refreshing Tropical Lobster Taco and Classic Lobster Taco. Our lobster tacos feature high-quality ingredients such as the mango salsa, pico de gallo and cilantro lime vinaigrette, all made in-house with fresh produce.”

As part of a limited-time-only offering, Taco Del Mar’s beloved brand mascot, Carlos the Fish, is introducing a new friend, Luis the Lobster, to encourage guests to show their love for lobster.

Luis the Lobster

As part of the launch, on Friday, June 9, guests who visited their local Taco Del Mar restaurant wearing something with lobsters – a shirt, socks, tie or other apparel item or accessory – received one free limited time offer lobster taco of their choice, either the Tropical Lobster Taco or the Classic Lobster Taco.

Taco Del Mar’s Tropical Lobster Taco and Classic Lobster Taco are now available at participating Canada locations, while supplies last.