Miznon Coming to Toronto

Miznon is opening (finally) in Canada. The announcement came earlier last year, but behind the coming soon sign on the restaurants window on Bay Street in Torontos Yorkville neighborhood there seemed to be little going on for months and months, while fans waited. Now, the time has come, and Miznon Toronto is opening.

Israeli-born top chef Eyal Shani is a rebel and a philosopher. At least a self-styled one. He’s spent many moments meditating on the tomato, a particular fixation. So, when he opened Miznon, a fast casual eatery in Tel Aviv, it wasn’t a surprise that he would inject a rogue spirit into the menu.

Miznon is known for elevating the humble pita to culinary rockstar status. Here, the Middle Eastern pocket bread is stuffed with anything from ratatouille to minute steak. Having carved a prime spot on the Tel Aviv foodscape with multiple Miznons across town and a host of other successful restaurants in the city, Shanis culinary influence and imprint has spread across the global culinary map.

He has opened Miznons in London, Paris, Melbourne, Singapore, New York and other cities.  Hes also the guy who made cauliflower break the internet.  His whole baby cauliflower (first boiled, then roasted) is one of the global culinary hits of the last few years. 

On the menu, naturally, are the famous pita sandwiches stuffed with wonders to suit vegans and carnivores, all lyrically described in Shanis customary fashion. One option is pita stuffed with wild mushroom, or as it says on the menu: “A whole forest seared on hot steel; scallions, sour cream, spicy peppers.”  Another listing is Rotisserie Broken Chicken Seared with scallions & zaatar, tahini, spicy green peppers.And of course, the roasted cauliflower is there, as well as other favorite Shani vegetables.

Those familiar with his love of green beans and his disdain of plates in favour of paper bags (for eating in or takeaway) will be glad to know his famous roast green beans can be ordered too. Each global Miznon adds something specific to its location. Or, as Miznon says, We take the energy, the groove, the desires, the limitations, the beauty and the food and express it all in one pita.”


The Toronto menu lists Ontario Land Creaturesfor the locally sourced meat offerings. They include a Folded Cheeseburger, Lamb Kebab and an Intimate Stew stuffed in a pita. Having tried it in various cities around the world, we cant wait to taste some of the best of Mid- Eastern Street food at home.