Nosh Nation: Predicting the Top Snack Trends of 2024

We’re going Snack to the Future, and talking about all things snacks in 2024. Are Canadians still crazy about grazing? What are we nibbling on? What are the most snack-worthy ingredients we can expect to see on shelves this year? 

In the face of soaring prices at the grocery store, Canadians are making it clear that they’re still making room in the budget for snacks. In fact, the rise of snacks may be indicative of a theory called the “Lipstick Effect” which finds that, in the face of tough economic times, consumers are more likely to spend on small indulgences (like lipstick and snacks) and save on larger ticket items. 

However, we’re no longer settling for the same old processed snack foods of yesteryear. Our snack standards are evolving in response to tight schedules and priorities around health and the environment. Here are the top trends we’re seeing take over shelves in the upcoming year: 

2024 is bringing #GirlDinner to the whole family

In 2023, TikTok dubbed snacks as a meal #GirlDinner. In 2024, while we may have evolved beyond a handful of nuts, 4 olives, and a slice of cheese, the trend of snacks as a meal-replacement is for the whole family. Parents have found a new favourite in Friday night muffin-tin-charcuterie for the kids, while 92% of men and 93% of women are likely to integrate snack foods into their no-prep dinners according to the U.S. Snack Index

High-performance snacking

People are expecting more from their snack foods in 2024, especially when it comes to protein. If they’re going to be taking the place of meals, our snacks need to pack a serious punch in the nutrition and energy departments. Snackers are prioritizing satiety, energy, and taste, and 55% of consumers are citing protein as a snack’s most important nutritional component. Options like Live Right snack bars deliver on all three, with 6-9g of protein per bar plus a rich & delicious dark chocolate dip. Bonus – they’re made in Canada! 

Natural Nibbles

The plant-based craze continues to gain momentum in 2024 as consumers seek to integrate health conscious habits that are better for the future of our planet. We’re moving away from highly processed plant-based products that are trying to look, feel, and taste like animal products. Instead, 2024 will see food trends that focus on showing off whole ingredients, with minimal processing and additives. Dole’s Good Crunch line is a great example of a simple, clean, whole food snack. Try the Pineapple with Chili for a touch of sweet heat.

Turn up the heat

Speaking of sweet heat, according to Ipsos Canada, spicy snacking is up 11% over 2019. Consumers are seeking out innovative and bold flavours from around the world. It’s not just about blinding heat, but rather complex global ingredients, peppers, and spices. Spice lovers, get excited – you may see some lesser known chilis climb onto your snacking radar this year. Add Laid Back Snacks’ Sriracha Cashews to your list to bring the heat to your next nosh.