Osmow’s Opens First 24-Hour Airport Restaurant at Toronto Pearson

Osmow’s, the renowned, largest Canadian fast-casual Middle Eastern brand, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its first 24-hour restaurant at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

This milestone expansion brings the tantalizing convenience and fresh flavours of Osmow’s Shawarma to travellers coming and going through Terminal 1’s domestic terminal, around the clock. Osmow’s first-ever breakfast menu debuts here too with features like Falafel, Egg & Steak Shawarma Wraps along with cultural favourites like Pita Za’atar.

Osmow’s new 24-hour restaurant adds Shawarma to the Toronto airport dining experience with its signature commitment to fresh ingredients, authentic recipes, and exceptional customer service.

“We are delighted to introduce our first 24-hour restaurant at Pearson,” says Ben Osmow, C.E.O. and Head of Franchise Operations. “This marks a significant milestone for our brand, allowing us to serve our modern take on Mediterranean delights at any time of the day or night. Osmow’s is pleased to help increase dining options at Pearson, with Mediterranean flair.”

The efficiency and convenience of Osmow’s makes for ideal meals to go for pre-boarding bites, in-flight feasts and layover lunches, dinners or late-night comfort eats. No matter the hour, a satisfying meal is just moments away.

“The opening of Osmow’s first 24-hour restaurant is a testament to the brand’s dedication to growth and being there when and where customers crave us,” says Bernadette Osmow, President & CMO. “As Osmow’s continues to share its unique and modern blend of Mediterranean dishes across Canada and into the United States, the Pearson location stands as a beacon of convenience and deliciousness for all travellers.”

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