Pizza Nova Celebrates Pi(e) Day With $3.14 Slice All Day!

It’s time to get saucy with a cheesy-licious promotion at Pizza Nova this Pi Day.

All day on March 14th pizza lovers can get their one slice of pi(e) for only 3,14$ at their local Pizza Nova. The promotion has become an eagerly awaited event for lovers of pizza pie. Pi Day commemorates the important role of math and science. The offer is available on all in-store, single slice purchases at Pizza Nova’s 140+ locations.

Why do Pizza Chains Celebrate Pi(e) Day?

  • Pi day is celebrated around the world every year on March 14th, it has nothing to do with pie but math.
  • Pizza Nova celebrates PI Day with $3.14 slices and delivery
  • 2023 marks the 5th year Pizza Nova celebrates the day in this way, with a discounted price.
  • Pizza makers and bakers pay tribute to PI Day by calling attention to round shaped food.
  • Pizza is one of the most famous circular shaped foods today.
  • Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping, also round!
  • The largest pizza is 122’8’’ inches in diameter, now that’s a big PI.

Ways to Celebrate Pi(e) Day

  • Order pizza for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Visit your local Pizza Nova and enjoy a slice with your friends for only $3.14
  • Encourage your math teacher to celebrate the day – why not order spherical food for the whole class

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