Pizza Pizza launches Growflation Pizza To Bite Back Against Shrinkflation

In response to inflation and the continued rise of food costs, many in the food industry and beyond have adopted the not-so-great practice of shrinkflation. And consumers have noticed. According to recent data, 84 per cent of Canadian consumers are concerned about shrinkflation. Once again, Pizza Pizza is siding with consumers to ensure that their delicious pizza remains accessible to all Canadians.

To bite back against shrinkflation, today Pizza Pizza has launched its Growflation Pizza – a small pizza, now 44% bigger, for the same small pizza price.

“At Pizza Pizza, we believe Everyone Deserves Pizza, and what better than more pizza for the same price,” says Adrian Fuoco, Vice President Marketing, Pizza Pizza Limited. “That’s why we created the Growflation Pizza – it’s our way of helping fight shrinkflation.”

The Growflation Pizza is rooted in Pizza Pizza’s brand platform, Everyone Deserves Pizza. The platform supports the belief that everyone has the right to delicious pizzas that suit their tastes, price point, delivery method and location. With over 750 locations coast to coast, and a variety of offerings including cauliflower bites and plant-based chick’n, Pizza Pizza is in a prime position to deliver. “As Canada’s leading pizza brand, Growflation Pizza is the perfect demonstration of our willingness to ensure everyone can have pizza, while staying true to our fun and accessible brand voice,” said Fuoco.

Last year, Pizza Pizza came out with the Fixed-Rate Pizza as a nod to Canadians that they had heard their frustration on the rapidly rising prices. This new program is another iteration of ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza’ and gives Canadians a reliable and delicious solution to a real-life problem.