Restaurants Across Canada Serving Takeout Middle Eastern Cuisine

From manakeesh to moutabal, shawarma to falafel and shish tawook, we’re heating up our food holiday calendar this month with a #TakeoutDay completely dedicated to Middle Eastern cuisine!

We’re inspiring Canadians to try takeout flavours derived from Egyptian, Turkish, Armenian, Arab, Israeli, and other Middle East destinations’ traditions and recipes.

Here are 5 Middle East-inspired destinations to get you started on your flavour journey for Middle Eastern Day!

Omnivore (Montreal, QC)

Not just for (grilled) meat eaters, Omnivore has something for all, whether you prefer Middle Eastern veg, all of the meat, or a mix of both.

Try their signature Omnivore plate with grilled chicken or beef, fatouche salad, lentil rice and hummus. For the herbivore, they offer your choice of 1, 3, or 5 Vegetarian mezzas or Salads.

Address: For an Omnivore nearest you, click here. @omnivoregrill

Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine (Toronto, ON)

Traditional dishes created with new interpretations and fresh ingredients, Tabule has been offering Middle Eastern cuisine since 2012 with “quality at the heart of everything we do.”

Try their (gluten free) Falafels with crushed chick peas, split fava, parsley, garlic, onions, spices and tahini.

Address: For a Tabule nearest you, click here. @tabulemiddleasterncuisine

Ramallah Cafe (Winnipeg, MB)

Open late so you can satisfy cravings for Middle Eastern tastes almost anytime, Ramallah Cafe is making your favourite dishes accessible, deliverable and delicious 7 days a week.

From their Baba Ganoush plate to Tabbouleh to the Falafel Platter, you’ll want to make multiple calls or stops to this cafe.

Address: For a Ramallah Cafe nearest you, click here.

Damascus (Calgary, AB)

Making mouthwatering food from simple ingredients, Damascus brings together North American and Middle Eastern cuisine for Albertan families of all kinds to enjoy.

Love Shawarma? Enjoy a Chicken Shawarma Salad, Chicken Shawarma Wrap, Chicken Shawarma Platter or their signature Damascus Shawarma Arabic Plate; Authentic Damascene style shawarma cut up into bites served with fries, house salad and a side of garlic sauce and assorted pickles.

Address: 718 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary @damascusyyc

Baghdad Cafe (Vancouver, BC)

Middle Eastern cuisine served from a comforting counter-serve space, Baghdad Cafe has a grand takeout menu ready to keep you warm and well-fed through the winter.

Try one of their popular platter dishes including Kabsa Lamb, Kebab & Tika, Shawarma Arabi, Falafel and more.

Address: 548 Seymour St, Vancouver @baghdadcafevancouver