Share A Slice At These Eight Pizza Parlors Across Canada

The words “Pizza” and “Takeout” are almost synonymous. Pizza lovers know the feeling of jubilation at the sound of a doorbell and the smell of a stack of hot n’ fresh ‘za’s turning up at your doorstep. The history of pizza begins in Italian antiquity, from basic flatbreads with several toppings and has since become a western staple. On February 9th we celebrate National Pizza Day, and whether it’s a gas-station Pepperoni Big Slice, a Deep-Dish Veggie Deluxe Supreme or an elevated wood-oven fig and goat cheese thin crust – Pizza is definitely here to stay on top of our takeout shortlists.  

Canada is a big place, but no matter how you slice it you can find some pan-tastic pizzas nationwide. Here’s a few that made our list this year. 

FAST FIRED by Carbone, a pizza chain known for its fresh, authentic, sustainable tailored-made pizzas. Their locations across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario currently offer Modern Meat Crumble on their “Modern Fiesta” plant-based pizza.

Open Since 1995, visitors of the Granville Island Public Market are subject to the delicious, heart-warming pizza, pasta and gelato from Pizza Pzazz. Their Granville Island Pizza topped with Sun-dried tomato, artichoke hearts, and feta cheese, roasted garlic and Mozzarella, another unique option is Paddy Potato Pizza (Creamy pesto sauce, onion, mushroom, potatoes, Cheddar cheese, chives, and mozzarella.) it screams pure comfort.

Mediterranean Spices in an Italian Style! Panada Pizza has something for pizza lovers from a variety of cuisines. Shawarma Pizza and The Donair Supreme jump off the oven, ready to be spiced and sliced. This fusional food op also has wings, poutine and garlic fingers to pair up with your cheesy triangles.

Don’t let the name fool you – these pizzas are winning hearts over in Ottawa. Their Chef’s Pie returns this February to join their regular line up of favourites such as the Fennel & Sausage Pizza with pork sausage, roasted fresh fennel and grand padano. Vegans delight in the Brocc City or the Gourdie pizza pie. Pefect comfort food for a broken heart!

Pop-art Pizza Phenom! Critically acclaimed Elena offers eight delicious pizza pies on their Take-out menu. Go solo with a Kevin McCallister “pizza for one” or share a spicy Diavolo 2.0 (Tomato, salami from Aliments Viens, pepperoncini, mozzarella di bufala) with a friend. Want to trade your triangle for a square, sample the Industrie alla Pala, handcrafted with homemade stracciatella.

A cozy coffee shop meets a trendy restaurant. As your local neighbourhood hidden gem, Roots offers a wide range of delicious pizza options including a Dill Pickle Pizza, Classic Canadian and a delightful sounding Spinach Feta Italian Sausage Pizza. Delicious!

What happens when you combine the love for Italian food, black culture and martial arts? Karate Chop your taste with these “ninja-star” pizza pies! Have a slice of Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue Shrimp Pizza and show no fear when you face the Ninja Hot Pepper Pizza with Mozzarella, cheddar, red and yellow pepper, hot pickle pepper, ground beef, and pepperoni. Black Ninja Pizza not only taste great but they make it fun with their 70s kung-fu themed concept!

Pizza is never too far off the beaten path. Located inside Frobisher Inn, adventurers meet at the Storehouse Bar & Grill to indulge in some heartwarming comfort food, including some classic pizza selections. Guests at the lodge and the public can come in and takeout a range of pies from Mediterranean and Meat Lovers to Veggie Lovers, Four Cheese and everyone’s favorite Pepperoni.