Sharpe Distillery Opens its Doors in Cawston, BC

Come on down to Sharpe Distillery at 253 Beecroft River Road in Cawston, British Columbia to take a load off and have a drink, a laugh, and be treated like a part of the family.

Sharpe Distillery proudly opened its doors to the public on Friday, May 26th. with a family history in Cawston that stretches back three generations, Tracy SharpeAmy Jo Sharpe & CEJ Mussell are paying tribute to Grandpa Jack Sharpe for the character that he was and for the decades-long impact he has had on the local community.

Steeped in history without being stuck in the past, Sharpe Distillery craft their spirits using tried-and-true methods but always with an eye towards innovation and experimentation. Tracy and CJ are proud of where they come from in Cawston, which is why they always strive to use nothing but the best of what’s around in their very own backyard – including water from the Similkameen River. With spirits ranging from unaged rye whiskeys, to botanical gins, to cherry vodkas, Sharpe Distillery is sure to offer something for everyone.

And true to Grandpa Jacks’ reputation, Sharpe Distillery not only offer a wide range of spirits, but they have also created a tasting room experience where everyone is always welcome. With a menu full of unique cocktails inspired by the local growing season and ingredient availability, Sharpe Distillery invite anyone and everyone to feel connected to their community and to learn their story, both historically and geographically, every time they enjoy one of their quality spirits.