St. Louis Bar & Grill Serving ‘Devilishly Good’ Curated TikTok Channel

St. Louis Bar & Grill brand, the proudly Canadian restaurant chain with a legendary reputation for creating ‘Devilishly Good’ experiences and serving up its world famous chicken wings, launched its curated TikTok channel through its partnership with Loop Media and will be broadcast at its 75 locations across the country

“We’re thrilled to be the first Canadian partner to integrate curated TikTok content through our partners at Loop Media into the unique experience we offer our guests across the country,” said Royal Nasager, VP Marketing, St. Louis Bar & Grill. “Like us, TikTok has grown to become a source of joy for so many people of all ages. This partnership will further enrich the time our guests spend with us while adding another point of differentiation and competitive edge across the business.”

St. Louis was founded in Toronto in 1992 and the new offering is part of the brand’s communications focus on engaging with new guests, specifically a younger demographic.

The chain has grown its following among new and younger audiences significantly by ramping up on four core areas: menu innovation that features exciting items that can’t be found anywhere else; limited time offers that celebrate its signature offerings; creative and fun advertising; and a digital strategy rooted in compelling content.

“We’ve grown in popularity among 25 to 34 year olds exponentially in the last few years while also remaining committed to our most loyal supporters,” said Nasager. “We’re continuing to evolve as a brand while remaining that special, neighborhood place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome – no matter their age, gender, background or unfortunate choice of favourite sports franchise.”

Over the last 30 years, St. Louis has earned a reputation for its warm, friendly environment and craveable eats that include its famous wings, signature fries, tasty Garlic Dill Sauce, ribs and more. Across the country, it has also become a big part of game-day tradition for millions of Canadians who make St. Louis a preferred destination to cheer on their favourite teams.

St. Louis partnered with Loop Media to offer the TikTok content that will feature a wide range of popular, entertaining content themes from cute animals to makeovers to challenges and sports bloopers to food preparation, and more.


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