Swiss Chalet Launches Sustainable Packaging Across Canada

You might notice something different when you receive your next pick-up or delivery of your favourite Swiss Chalet menu items as they’ve recently launched the use of sustainable packaging nationwide!

“As the cost of climate change reaches irreversible highs, business as usual is not good enough,” said Nasim Soltanpour, Director of Marketing. “Now is the time for action. There is no corner of the globe that is exempt from the consequences of climate change and as Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company, we want to use our scale for good.”

While the new packaging is already environmentally friendly, the company has noted that by the completion of 2022, 100% of the packaging line will come from recyclable, renewable and recycled resources, including their paper-based products which will only come from sources that have been certified in their forest conservation commitments.

In executing this crucial step in their foodservice operations, Swiss Chalet has already won a PAC Global Award for Best In Class for Package Innovation in the Sustainable Design category!

“By transitioning from plastic to fiber-based packaging, Swiss Chalet will effectively be removing over 31 million units of plastic packaging a year from the system. This is a monumental change that required a tremendous amount of collaboration since the start of this initiative.”

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