Takeout Nostalgia: 5 Classic Pizza Commercials You Need to Re-Watch

Everyone loves pizza, and Canadians are no exception.

Between 2020 and 2021, tens of thousands of workers were hired to keep up with pizza demand, which also benefited Canadian farmers, the go-to source for your pie’s wheat and lentils.

And what’s made any of us, in childhood and adulthood alike, more hungry between soaps and sports than pizza commercials?

How many of these classics do you remember? Share with a friend over pizza for a delicious trip back in time!

Pizza Hut (1965)

No words, just excitement for pizza; it’s Pizza Hut’s first commercial ever!

Little Caesar’s (1994)

We wish we could have been in the planning meeting for this commercial when someone raised their hand and said “what if we add orangutans?”

Domino’s (1985)

Not just part of the logo, this pizza commercial from Domino’s actually features dominoes!

McDonald’s (1993)

McPizza, a 99 cent price tag and Howie Mandel with HAIR? Now -this- is a blast from the past.

Pizza Hut (1988)

Warning, this commercial may tempt you to go back and find your VHS of The Land Before Time, which is where this particular ad debuted! (Yep, Yep, Yep!)