Takeout Spots Across Canada Serving Up Killer Kebabs

Kebabs, characterized by small chunks of spiced meat grilled on a skewer, have long been a food staple of the Middle East. The dish with many names, sometimes referred to as kebabs, kebobs, or kabobs depending on the language of origin, also comes in a myriad of flavours. The notorious Shish Kebab simply translates to skewered (şiş) meat (kebap) and typically consists of cubed beef or lamb. Kafta – ground meat flavoured and shaped into meatballs – is another popular choice for kebab fare. Döner kebab is meat that is sliced, stacked, and roasted on a rotating spit, similar to that served in shawarma and gyros.

The latter of these has especially worked its way into the hearts of Canadians with the Halifax Donair – the official snack of pizza shops across the Maritimes. Think Döner kebab in a gyro style pita with tomatoes and onions, and the key ingredient: donair sauce with signature sweetness created by condensed milk.

Whether it’s a Halifax donair you seek or a classic Middle Eastern kebab plate, here are 6 spots across Canada serving up killer kebabs.

Mashawee is bringing authentic flavours of Lebanon to White Rock, BC in a modern quick-service space. Their skewer plates are sure to satisfy all of your kebab cravings. Four a bigger crew, try their mixed kebab plate for four with 8 BBQ skewers served with rice and salad.

Bonus: get a taste of Middle Eastern baked goods at their new bakery location, Mouneh.

Address: 1558 Johnston Rd. Unit 2, White Rock, BC 

The heart of downtown Ottawa on Bank St. is home to Afghani Kabob Express, a family-owned business serving fresh and delicious takeaway Halal food. Their menu blends Middle Eastern and Indian flavours in dishes like Beef Tikka Kabob and Chicken Tandoori Kabob. Try a little bit of everything with their Trio Kabob platter – a medley of Afghani flavour that will delight your tastebuds.

Address: 249 Bank St., Ottawa, ON

If you’re craving kebab in Kingston, look no further than Limestone Kabob House for Halal fusion cuisine. This sit-down restaurant that also offers takeout has a wide variety of kebab styles served as a salad with Afghan bread and tomato chutney or a plate with rice, garlic potatoes, garden salad, Afghan bread, tomato chutney and garlic butter. Their Limestone Special is a combination of classic chicken breast and Tandoori chicken skewers.

Address: 2511 Princess St, Kingston, ON

At Istanbul Kebab & Donair, you’ll find delicious and healthy Turkish cuisine in Edmonton, Alberta including authentic Turkish breakfast, kebabs, and pitas. Guests love their Adana kebab made of 75% ground lamb and 25% ground beef seasoned to perfection.

Address: 12556 132 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB

Enjoy authentic Iranian cuisine at one of their two locations in the city of Montréal. Delight in the Chelo Kebab Sultani, a mouthwatering blend of Barg (Filet mignon) and Kubideh (ground beef) or feast on Crazy Chicken, grilled chicken delicately seasoned with saffron and spices.

Address: Multiple locations

Visit this Turkish kebab house for quick and handmade Mediterranean dishes. Their charcoal-grilled kebabs include Adana Lamb Kofte, Lamb Shish Kebab, and Spicy Beef. Guests love the Chicken Kebab marinated in milk and spices, served with Turkish salad, rice, tzatziki chili, and pita.

Address: 5201 Duke Street, Halifax, NS