The A&W Spicy Dill Pickle Burger is Back!

A&W’s first menu launch of 2024 is the return of last summer’s popular Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger, and this time she’s accompanied by a Buddy Burger version.

“As a pickle girl, the Spicy Dill Pickle Mama is one of my all-time favourite burgers. I’m so excited to introduce the new Spicy Dill Pickle Buddy option for those snacky moments,” said Amanda Wang, A&W Marketing Director & Proud Pickle Girl.

For $3.99, you can enjoy the Spicy Dill Pickle Buddy Burger at your local A&W location, available nationwide for a limited time! The Buddy version comes with a perfectly seasoned 1.6 oz grass-fed beef patty topped with creamy, spicy dill pickle sauce, real cheddar cheese, a slice of onion and sliced pickles, on a freshly toasted bun.

Pickle lovers looking for a bigger-sized bite can rejoice, as the Spicy Dill Pickle Mama Burger is also available again at A&W locations across Canada for a limited time for just $5.99.