The Chicken Crunchers Join A&W’s Burger Family Line-up

Big news! A&W has launched a trio of crunchtastic chicken sandwiches, available permanently at all A&W locations across Canada. These are the first sandwiches to hit the menu permanently since 2018. In each of the 3 menu items, a 5-ounce crispy yet juicy chicken patty is sandwiched between a toasted brioche-style bun.

The crispy and craveable new additions include:

  • Nashville Hot Chicken Cruncher™: Crispy and juicy breaded chicken slathered in a spicy Nashville glaze, complemented by Chubby mayo and sweet bread and butter pickles
  • Chubby Chicken® Cruncher: Big, juicy and oh-so-crunchy chicken meets Chubby mayo and layers of crisp whole leaf lettuce
  • BLT Chicken Cruncher: Juicy, crunchtastic chicken with bacon, layers of crisp whole leaf lettuce, sliced tomato and a dose of our Chubby mayo

“Throughout my tenure at A&W as Director of Menu Development and Chef, I’ve passionately pursued crafting a chicken sandwich recipe packed with irresistible flavors that every Canadian’s palate can enjoy,” said Karan Suri, A&W’s Director of Menu Development. She continues, “our Chicken Cruncher sandwiches are a testament to this endeavor, featuring succulent and juicy chicken that satisfies every mouthwatering bite.”

When A&W tested the new Chicken Crunchers lineup in select markets to assess interest, the reactions were overwhelmingly positive, and folks loved the surprisingly large portion of our crispy and crunchy chicken.

Canadians, flock to your nearest A&W to try a new Chicken Cruncher today!