The Hottest Spots Across Canada to Celebrate National Hot & Spicy Food Day

Better stock up on milk — National Hot & Spicy Food Day is coming on August 19th!

Did you know capsaicinoids are the active compound in chili peppers responsible for creating that notorious tingling lips, runny nose, eyes watering sensation when you eat spicy food? Their spiciness is measured in Scoville Heat Units. Widely regarded as the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper ranks in at a whopping 2.2M Scoville Heat Units. For reference, a Jalapeno is only about 2000-8000 SHU.

For those who like it hot, we’ve rounded up takeout food spots across the country offering the spiciest cuisine. Check out our picks below.

All Star Wings & Ribs (Toronto, ON)

With over 200 wing flavours on the menu, All Star categorizes them into 7 heat levels: No Heat, Tame, Medium, Hot, Hotter, Smookin’, and 5 Alarm.

So whether a flavour called Montezuma’s Revenge gets your taste buds tingling or you find mayo a touch on the spicy side, there’s a flavour at All Star that’s just the right level of heat for you.

Address: Multiple locations across Toronto @allstarwingsandribsofficial

Noodle Box (Western Canada)

Not only does Noodle Box embrace the age old tradition of wok cooking with fire, but they fire up the spice level of the noodles as well. When you create your own noodle box, you can select your own heat level from Mild/Medium to Scorching Hot — “Guaranteed to burn”.

If you’re really courageous, you’ll want to participate in their next #infernonoodlechallenge. You order their Inferno Box, eat as much as you can, upload it to social and get entered for a chance to win free Noodle box for a year. To make sure you don’t miss next year’s challenge, follow their Instagram below!

Address: Multiple locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. @noodleboxcanada

Restaurant Bombay Choupati (Montreal, QC)

This family owned restaurant has been serving up authentic Indian cuisine in Montreal since 1993.

For some real heat, try their Fire Masala Dosa – a type of crepe originating from the South of India, stuffed with potatoes and served with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Address: 5011 Des Sources Boul, Montreal @bombaychoupati

Nando’s (Multiple locations)

Nando’s serves up PERi-PERi chicken, sandwiches, pitas and wraps across Canada, and all the magic is in the sauce.

PERi-PERi is a pepper also known as an African Bird’s Eye Chilli originating in South Africa. It acts as a natural preservative, eliminating the need for preserving additives in their sauces.

From mild lemon & herb to XX Hot PERi-PERi sauce – choose your heat level and order your sauce with Nando’s takeout/delivery or bring home a bottle of sauce to spice up your own dishes at home.

Address: Find a location near you here. @nandoscanada

Hot Spicy Spicy (North York, ON)

As the name suggests, Hot Spicy Spicy’s menu boasts an impressive array of fiery Sichuanese cuisine. Chile peppers or chili oil create the perfect lip-tingling heat.

Their Signature Spicy Popcorn Chicken with Lots of Chili Peppers is a fan favourite. Or try one of their Signature Szechuan Spicy Bowls, with sliced beef, pork, diced chicken, or basa fish in their Signature Chili Oil Sauce.

Address: 173 Ravel Rd, North York @hotspicytoronto

Mary’s African Cuisine (Halifax, NS)

In the heart of downtown Halifax, Mary’s serves the most authentic African food experience in town, specializing in hearty Ghanian dishes. The daily oxtail is one of their most popular menu items.

Though many of their curries are served up mild, tell them you want it spicy when you order to turn up the heat.

Address: 1701 Barrington St, Halifax @marysafricancuisine

Lucifer’s House of Heat (Vancouver, BC)

For those that like to bring the spice home, Lucifer’s House of Heat has you covered. Their assortment of hot sauce, capsaicin drops, seasonings, condiments, and more will let you turn up the eat on any dish you cook or order!

Visit their storefront if you’re in Vancouver, or order online and take advantage of their Canada wide shipping.

Address: 779 Denman Street, Vancouver @lucifershouseofheat