The Top Takeout That Will Take Care of Kids’ School Lunches

Written by Jane Ngo

Wake up before sunrise, try to get a workout in, prepare yourself for work, and remember to breathe before you become overwhelmed with all you have to do before you round up your kids for school.

Let go of parenting pressure to prepare the healthiest meals for your kids and call in some help from these Canadian restaurants:

Let the sandwich artisans of Subway prepare your next child’s meal with this protein rich sandwich that you can pack full of vegetables to keep your child full, happy, and healthy. Sandwiches are easy to transport, and they can be eaten at room temperature so you don’t have to worry about re-heating.

Address: Located Across Canada


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Invite the lunch lady to your home to prepare your child’s meals for you. Parents can choose from a “Grab & Go” program for families so that kids never go to school hungry. All meals are nut-free, kid friendly, and made for easy consumption whether it’s ready to “heat and eat” or “pack and snack” for your child’s backpack.

Address: Serves Communities Across Canada

Dine Out & Takeout

Save yourself a night of cooking and a morning of preparing by grabbing a meal to go after dining at one of these kid-friendly restaurants across Canada. Here are some top choices.

Support local art while saving time and order takeout from an $8 kids menu with an 8 oz drink included.

Address: 649 Queen Street, Fredericton New Brunswick.


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Order for the whole family and then pack the leftovers for lunch the next day with this family style menu. They also deliver restaurant-quality frozen pizzas. Who doesn’t love leftover pizza the next day?

Address: Serving various cities in Ontario, including Toronto & Oakville

So What if You Didn’t Cook Your Child’s Meal?

Let go of the parenting guilt to be the perfect parent that packed an envious meal. There is so much pressure on parents to do everything with a smile. You’re a person with your own needs so shed the guilt over not preparing a meal from scratch by remembering that you need to feel happy and healthy before you try to pack that into your child’s school bag.