Tops at Tims 2023: Canadians’ Tim Hortons Favourites are Unveiled

There’s no doubt that Canadians have strong feelings about their Tim Hortons favourites. Are you a plain donut dipper or a fan of the classic honey dip? Do you love the squirt of filling inside a Boston Cream or does it make you squirm? For the first time since 2020, Tims has run the numbers and announced which Tims menu items Canadians love the most, and the results might surprise you.

Back in 2020, the Boston Cream came in at #1 while the Apple Fritter was a close runner-up. The battle for the title of Canada’s Favourite Tim Hortons Donut flipped this past year with the Apple Fritter taking top spot (although the Boston Cream is still the favourite donut in Atlantic Canada).

“The Apple Fritter has always been a top donut at Tims but since adding 40 per cent more apples to our recipe last year I can confidently say we’ve never made a better version of this all-time classic,” says Axel Schwan, president of Tim Hortons.

The top coffee order went to the Double Double and the top cold beverage order went to the Iced Capp – no surprises there. When it came to breakfast, Canadians made it clear that they like to kick their day off with the Sausage Farmer’s Wrap, but for bagel lovers, the Everything bagel was the top pick of the year.

Some other Tims favourites of 2023: 

  • The Chocolate Glazed was ranked top Timbit in 2023
  • The Tims Latte was the top espresso-based beverage.
  • For lunch and dinner, the Turkey Bacon Club was the most popular sandwich, while Cilantro Lime was the most popular flavour for Loaded Bowls and Loaded Wraps.
  • On, the Vintage Logo Unisex Hoodie was the top-selling merch.
  • And our Tims guests in Canada and the United States supported their charitable programs more than ever before in 2023, raising over $44 million between Camp Day, Smile Cookie, Holiday Smile Cookie, Special Olympics Donut and the Orange Sprinkle Donut campaign.