Where to Find Fritto Misto on Canada’s Coasts

Written by Karen Burshtein

The seafood dish served in a paper cone that signals the start of summer in Italy, and where to get it on Canada’s coasts.

Fritto Misto – a mix of any combination of fried fish filet, seafood, shrimp, calamari, and codfish – is a classic seaside dish across Italy. It’s served in casual eateries and fancy restaurants as an appetizer or main course, but it’s most beloved as a seaside snack served in a paper cone to enjoy as you stroll on the beach or around the piazza. 

The dish and Canadian twists on it are served at some great casual and upscale Italian restaurants across the country. Here’s a round up of the best places in coastal Canada to get takeaway Fritto Misto to give you a sense of dolce vita all year long. 

Beaches Bar and Grill (Fogo Island, NL)

Scotty Hart, owner of Beaches Bar and Grill with wife Michelle, came up with The Newfie Stomp appetizer, Newfoundland’s answer to Fritto Misto. The stomp is a sampler of cod tongues, bacon wrapped scallops, calamari, shrimp, and other seafood, served either pan fried or deep fried. The Newfie Stomp can be ordered to go and is served in a takeaway box with a side of fries and tartar sauce.

Five Eleven West (Summerside, PEI)

At this popular Summerside restaurant, the fritto misto (available to eat in or takeaway) comes with four scallops and four shrimps, lightly breaded to add a bit of crunch, then deep fried and served with lemon garlic mayo. Get it as an appetizer by itself or as a meal with a side – PEI mashed potatoes are a favourite side choice.

Sapori (Halifax, NS)

Luca Ferrante, owner of Sapori grab and go in Halifax, hails from the Italian seaside town of Sperlonga between Rome and Naples. His family owned a seafood restaurant by the shore, so he knows Fritto Misto. At the popular Sapori, there’s calamari fritti on the menu served in a paper cone with all the traditional Italian trimmings.

Sud Forno (Toronto, ON)

Though not a coastal city, Toronto has one of the largest Italian-born or descendent communities in the world, and thus, some great Fritto Misto can be found here. The fritto misto at Sud Forno is a hugely popular menu item – Zucchini, carrots, shrimp and calamari are beer battered, deep fried and served in a takeaway box.


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Fiorino (Vancouver, BC)

This Vancouver restaurant is a real purist when it comes to Italian street food, including Fritto Misto. Semolina battered calamari, prawns and a medley of seasonal vegetables (we love the red pepper and red onion) are deep fried together. Fresh out of the fryer, they are served in a traditional paper cone with aioli on the side for dipping and a fresh lemon wedge.