Wonder Bread Features One-Of-A-Kind, Fan-Made Wonder Creations

As a staple in culture for almost 100 years in Canada, Wonder® has inspired people to make some amazing things. And not just food. From pop art masterpieces to bread-shaped candles to hand-painted Wonder Bread earrings, the soft white bread and primary-coloured logo of the Wonder® brand have been a starting point for incredible creations inside and outside the kitchen.

Wonder® is now excited to announce that it is shining the spotlight on these Wonder®-inspired creations in a new campaign titled “It Starts With Wonder”. They will be available to purchase in a newly launched online store, with all sales going to the creators.

The store is home to dozens of fan-made creations, all sourced from independent and small businesses who were already using Wonder as a source of inspiration for their designs – everything from apparel like t-shirts and baseball hats, artwork like paintings and posters, to more surprising items like Muskoka chairs, pinatas and more. The store also features a number of unique Wonder recipes, making it a one stop shop for all things wonderful.

These fan-made creations are also the stars of a new Wonder® commercial that showcases Wonder®-themed dog onesies, Wonder®-themed neon signs, and even a Wonder®-themed NASCAR Pinty’s Series race car.

“Great ideas start with Wonder®. Fans know this, and have been making their own Wonder®-inspired creations for years,” says Angela McInenly, Director of Marketing at Wonderbrands. “That’s why we’re tapping into these long-standing expressions of love by launching the shop, made up entirely of fan-made creations. We welcome Canadians to join us in showing these amazing creators some love!”

“Wonder® truly is a blank canvas for inspiration beyond great meals,” says Vijaya Selvaraju, a home chef and a Wonder® recipe creator. “I loved the opportunity to appear in their latest commercial, and create a custom recipe that celebrates my culture with one of their most popular products.”

Canadians can download a number of mouthwatering recipes on the online store like Vijaya’s Chicken Tikka Grilled Cheese using Wonder® White Texas Toast Bread. These recipes incorporate various product lines across sliced bread, hot dog and hamburger buns, wraps, and English muffins.

“Wonder® is not just a type of bread or a word – it’s a verb. Wonder® is all about being inspired and seeing a world full of possibilities,” says Christopher Rouleau, an artist offering prints in the shop, who is also featured in the latest spot. “It was a dream working with Wonder® in such a creative capacity, and I hope the world loves my old and new Wonder® art as much as I do.”