Worthwhile Markets To Visit For Takeout Across Canada

By Deepi Harish

Buying from food markets is an opportunity to proudly support local. It’s a convenient way to discover new products, immerse yourself in a city’s unique offerings, while connecting with local farmers and vendors. We’ve rounded up eight markets across Canada that are worth a visit. 

Twenty family-owned restaurants, more than 75 vendors with fresh, local produce, meat, poultry, international food, organic goods, jewelry, art and more — this is the Calgary Farmers’ Market. The market follows the 80/20 rule, where a minimum of 80% of the vendors must “make it, bake it or grow it.” Look forward to indulging in pies from scratch, both savoury and sweet and pizza made with farm-fresh ingredient and unique flavours.

Address: (Multiple Locations)

Granville Island Public Market is Vancouver’s culinary station. It’s an artisan market complete with maple-cured salmon, fresh ciabatta, local charcuterie, hand crafted chocolate and donuts (from Lee’s). Although the market is all indoors, it’s a great place to purchase a variety of food that can be enjoyed by the waterfront.

Address: 1669 Johnston Street, Greater Vancouver BC V6H 3S2


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Jean Talon Market is one of the oldest public markets in Montréal, as it also opened in 1933. This market honours generations of artisanal food stalls all year around. The market changes with the seasons. In spring you’ll find flower gardens, herbs and plants shops, while the summer is bursting with berries, heirloom tomatoes, carrots and beans. The fall brings corn, apples, beets and winter lights up with holiday spirit.

Address: 7070 Henri-Julien Avenue Montreal ( Quebec ) H2S 3S3

No visit to Toronto is complete without visiting the very colourful Kensington Market made up of hole-in-the-wall eateries, vintage shops, non-chain coffee shops, art galleries, Victorian style homes, graffiti walls, curbside jewellery stands and food stalls from around the world. It’s gritty but it’s got character. The market continues to move in new eateries in while saying goodbye to classics. This is the market to get some solid Caribbean and Latin cuisine, as well as some great specialty coffees. During the summer, Kensington comes alive with the street parties and pedestrian Sundays

Address: Kensington Avenue, Toronto ON

This stop has a massive selection of local fruits and veggies. It’s a space for agri-food businesses to get their start. Hundreds of farmers and artisans gather here to share their labour of love. The Grand Marche is much more than the spot for coffee, fresh breads and pastries, it’s also good for cheese and microbrews.

Address: 250, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Québec City, Québec

Marche Atwater (similar to Jean Talon Market) has been in business since 1933. This is the market you want to stop by before heading for a nearby picnic. They have all your must-haves to make an epic charcuterie board, from cheese to local produce, baked goods, cured meats, wine, chocolate, bread, need I say more?

Address: 138 Atwater Avenue, Montréal, Québec

If you were to look up “things to do in Toronto,” a visit to the St. Lawrence Market is bound to come up. It’s a red brick building located in Toronto’s historic old town, which is fitting as the market is over 200 years old. It’s an artisanal shop, fresh produce stop, full of seafood stalls, butchers, bakeries and international takeout cuisine — it’s a space that brings together over 120 merchants and farmers serving up local fair.

Fun fact: National Geographic named St. Lawrence Market as one of the best food markets in the world.

Address: 93 Front St E, Toronto ON

The Forks Market is a former horse stables turned vibrant food market with more than 50 shops that cover the globe and Manitoba specialties of course. From craft beer to Japanese hot dogs (and Canada’s oldest hotdog joint from Skinner’s). The first floor of the market has a liquor license, meaning you can walk around with a glass of wine in one hand while you shop with the other. 

Address: 1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB


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