Arby’s Canada Introduces New Fall Season Offerings

Arby’s Canada raises the bar on flavour – and value – this fall with fan-favourite flavours that include a new 2 for $11 Roasted Garlic Roast Beef deal, a new deep-fried dill pickle side item (“Frickles”), new cookies, the return of the Raspberry Shake and more time to try the popular Bacon Ranch Wagyu Burger.

Featuring an onion bun, garlic aioli, Swiss cheese, shredded lettuce and tomatoes, the Roasted Garlic Roast Beef sandwich is available now for a limited time.

The new Roasted Garlic Roast Beef Sandwich, elevated with Renee’s garlic aioli, is a taste sensation that’s twice as nice at 2 for $11. Customers can also dive into Arby’s new, large cookies by choosing White Chocolate Macadamia Nut or the decadent Turtle Double Chocolate.

Arby’s introduces the all-new “Frickles” because every sandwich deserves a crispy companion. At just $4 for a side order of 4 pieces, it’s the perfect sidekick.

“We’re not just in the business of serving just food – but rather delivering an innovative concept in the fast-food industry, providing guests with a unique experience that is something different, something better,” says Vito Curalli, spokesperson for Arby’s in Canada. “We’re Arby’s, and people have come to expect bold, flavourful menu options and something new that they can try and that will add an extra kick to their day. Our fall promos deliver that. I am confident our guests, their family, and friends will love them.”

Over the past year, Arby’s has introduced items including the Bacon Ranch Wagyu Burger that have been met with great customer feedback and are becoming fan favourites. “Frickles” are crispy, fried dill pickles with recommended Ranch dipping sauce and are priced at only $4 for four pieces. Customers who have a sweet tooth will be happy to learn of the launch of a new, “large” cookie, another delightful addition to Arby’s menu, and the return of the brand’s Raspberry Shake, back by customer demand.

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