Craving Pasta? Restaurants Across Canada Offering It To Go

Pasta may not be the first thing you think of when you think takeout, but this crave-able comfort food deserves a prominent spot on your to-go roster.

Like pizza, pasta is another delectable dish hailing from Italy. Translating literally to “dough” in Italian, pasta might be one of the most versatile dishes around, coming in all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of sauce options to complete the dish.

October 17th is National Pasta Day, so to celebrate, here is a list of restaurants across Canada offering pasta to go:

Pastucci’s is a build your own pasta concept, where you select your box, choose your pasta, pick your sauce, and then add your toppings. Their goal is to bring you homestyle gourmet pasta in a quick-service environment. Along with traditional offerings, Pastucci’s has options for any gluten-free or vegan folks to enjoy as well!

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Located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario, Spageddy Eddy’s was voted best kept dining secret in 2018, and when you visit you’ll understand why. Their entrance is tucked away in Artisan’s Alley and opens up to a cozy and kitschy dive bar-esque atmosphere where you can dine-in or take home a large, deliciously hearty, hot bowl of pasta for an affordable price.

Address: 428 Richmond St., London | @spageddy.eddys


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Topla! operates 8 restaurants across Quebec, offering diners an experience that’s halfway between fast food and haute cuisine. Enjoy ingredients like duck confit and pancetta served in minutes for as low as under $10! As a bonus, their restaurants offer prepared meals and you can buy Topla! sauces at Metro and IGA.

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El Pastaman is dedicated to making Montreal diners’ lives easier when they want a home-cooked meal but don’t feel like cooking. They specialize in five classic pasta dishes – Bolognese, Alfreda, Carbonara, Rosé, and Pesto. And if none of those options tickle your fancy, you also have the option to customize your own pasta.

Address: 1212 Saint Denis St, Montreal | @elpastaman


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This family owned operation was opened by two grandchildren of Casa Napoli’s owner, Giuseppe Napolitano, with the goal of filling a niche for young and energetic quick-service Italian food in Montreal. Enjoy delicious pasta boxes to go like the La Norma with eggplant, basil, and ricotta or the Nola with pancetta, black olives, and scamorza cheese.

Address: 1155 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montreal | @brotellipastabar

Mia Pasta is a pasta franchise offering a wide variety of meal options with locations across Canada in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. Bring out your inner chef by choosing your own pasta adventure or choose off of their menu from favourites like Total Seafood with scallops, shrimp, and smoked salmon in a rosé sauce or Beef Chipotle in an Alfredo sauce.

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With 3 locations in Chilliwack, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, Frankie’s is an Italian eatery specializing in comfort food with fresh ingredients named after the owner’s own Italian grandfather, Francesco. On the menu, you’ll find a wide assortment house specialty pasta dishes including Nonna Maria’s Lasagna and Casarecce Boscaiola with an assortment of meats in a rosé sauce served with white truffle oil.

Address: 765 Beatty Street, Vancouver | @frankiesitalian

Tipico is a cozy, local pasta spot for dine-in or takeout in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Diners on DoorDash love their Penne Rosé and their Carbonara Spaghetti. For seafood lovers, their pasta menu also features Linguine Jumbo Shrimp, Linguine Seafood with clam, shrimp, and squid, and Risotto Seafood.

Address: 3450 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax | @tipico_pasta_halifax


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Last but not least, Porta is a meal delivery service in Ontario specializing in prepared Italian dishes that are flash frozen and delivered to your door, so your restaurant quality pasta is ready in 15 minutes or less with no prep and minimal clean-up. Plans come in Small (6 items), Medium (9 items), and Large (15 items), can be delivered every 1, 2, or 4 weeks, and can include pasta, pizza, desserts, and pastries.

Delivers to select locations in Ontario | @eatporta


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