It’s Not Too Late to Help Protect the Future of Fries with A&W & McCain

McCain Regen Fries are proudly being served at all A&W locations across Ontario right now. “What are Regen Fries?” you may ask? Well they’re the same McCain French Fries that you know and love, except these ones are made from potatoes that are grown using regenerative farming methods. These methods help build soil health, increase biodiversity and boost ecosystems in the interest of long-term food security.

That means when you order fries from A&W this month, you are choosing food grown through regenerative agriculture, which supports farmers leading eco-friendly practices that benefit the planet.

The initiative kicked off on December 5th, in celebration of World Soil Day, and Regen Fries are available while supplies last.

McCain has pledged to implement Regenerative Agriculture practices across 100% of their potato acreage by 2030, and A&W has been serving grass-fed beef that’s raised using regenerative agricultural practices since 2019. These two companies are making tasty food that’s kind to the environment it came from.

If you’re in Ontario, head into your local A&W today to try these planet-friendly McCain Regen Fries before they run out.

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