Asian Night Market, Superfresh, Opens in Toronto

Showcasing Asian-owned and led businesses in the former Annex Food Hall, Asian night market Superfresh is now open at 384 Bloor Street in Toronto!

The 4,000 sq. ft market is comprised of seven vendors and offers not only food and beverages which celebrate Asian culture but also a bodega with indoor and outdoor seating, live entertainment, and planned secret events – a location reminiscent of the busy, exciting night markets of Asia. The name Superfresh comes from the first 24-hour Korean-owned grocery store that once served the Annex neighbourhood.

“We are excited to bring this concept to life and add to the cultural fabric of the Asian community
in Toronto,” says co-owner, Trevor Lui. “Our intention is to support and uplift the many talented
Asian creatives in the city and provide a hub to showcase their work.”

Current Superfresh vendors include:
● Auntie’s Supply – Asian Bodega, snacks, condiments
● GoodGoods – Mochins (Mochi Muffins), Tea-Misu, Basque Cheesecake
● Baobird – Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Baos and Sides
● Katsupan – Japanese Sandos, Shokupan (Milk Bread)
● JaJan – Indonesian Street Eats, Rendang, Goreng, Skewers
● Big Beef Bowl – Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles, Cold Dishes, Dumplings
● Ssam Cha – Korean Bar Anju (classic Korean bar snacks)

Love cocktails? Beverage expert Evelyn Chick has created a Superfresh cocktail menu that combines classic cocktails with various Asian flavours. There’s also a special speakeasy menu that includes adventurous beverages including the Superfresh Spritz, mixed with Lemongrass infused Northern Keep Vodka, a Pomelo Ginseng Cordial finished with sparkling wine and the Punch Punch Peach, which is a combination of Brugal 1888 Premium Rum, Chum Charm Peach Soju, Fresh Lime Juice and a Tahini Cashew Orgeat.

Beer, sake, soju and Baijiu will also be available via Asian-owned / local providers.
explore. There will also be a carefully curated beer, sake, soju and Baijiu list featuring Asian
owned or local purveyors.

Expect additional programming such as live DJs, artisan markets, fashion events, pop-ups, and much more.

While being the brainchild of James Lee (Annex Food Hall, Trever Lui (BaoBird, Highbell Group), Jae Pak (award-winning creative leader) and Dave Choi (entrepreneur), Superfresh would like to also acknowledge the Asian women across the city who made the launch possible.
● Public Relations – Elaine Quan, EQPR
● Bar & Beverage Design – Evelyn Chick
● Creative Direction – Stephanie Lui Valentim, Quell
● Web and Brand Design – Bianca Chamberlain, TRV Studio Creative
● Light design – Nicole Cheng, Karen Lam, FuseNeon

To learn more about Superfresh, visit and follow on Instagram