This Veganuary, Cheat on Meat with Hellmann’s NEW Vegan Mayo

It is Veganuary, a month-long challenge in January that educates and encourages consumers to incorporate more plant-based options into their diet. In celebration, Hellmann’s Canada has teamed up with Michelin-recognized Chef Matthew Ravenscroft to introduce a new plant-based Mayonnaise. Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo aims to prove you can enjoy the same great creamy taste Hellmann’s is known for, but plant-based for all to enjoy.

“At Hellmann’s, we believe good food should be enjoyed by everyone, and this means showing Canadians how they can flex their diet, without compromising on taste,” said Kristen Denega, Associate Director of Marketing for Hellmann’s Canada. “By partnering with Chef Matt Ravenscroft, we’re hoping to break some of the misconceptions surrounding plant-based eating, inviting both vegans and the plant-based curious to try these delicious menu items and experience the versatility of Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo firsthand.”

For the month of January, Canadian foodies can enjoy ‘plantified’ versions of their favourite BBQ dishes off three of the country’s meatiest menus in Toronto and Calgary, proving meatless dishes can have the same juicy and smokey BBQ flavours. Barque Smokehouse, Beach Hill Smokehouse and Jane Bond BBQ, will introduce meatless versions of their iconic dishes, featuring Hellmann’s new Vegan Mayo.

Each restaurant partner will introduce two items inspired by their most popular meat-forward dishes, which will be available throughout Veganuary. Plant-based menu items include:

  • Barque’s Nashville Hot King Oyster Mushroom Sandwich: A vegan take on Barque’s Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. King oyster mushrooms are coated in Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo and rolled in panko before being dressed up in Barque’s signature style, just like the original sandwich.
  • Beach Hill Smokehouse’s Dry-Rubbed Mushroom Brisket: Inspired by the classic Texas brisket, the dish combines Beach Hill’s signature BBQ rub and Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo for flavour and tenderness before this meaty mushroom hits the smoker in true Texas form.
  • Jane Bond BBQ’s BBQ Vegan Brizket: Braised seitan glazed in Jane Bond’s iconic Carolina-style BBQ sauce provides a twist on the classic smoked brisket. Using Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo to bring complex flavours to the seitan, the dish can be enjoyed by all diners.

Chef Matthew Ravenscroft notes, “I’m excited to team up with Hellmann’s to bring all-new plant-based dishes to our restaurant partners’ meat-centric menus, giving even more people the opportunity to experience their classic flavours. Incorporating more plant-based eating into your diet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. With its versatility and flavour, Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo is my go-to for marinades, spreads and dips – it has the same great taste, just plant based.”

Treat your tastebuds to these limited-edition plant-based dishes through the restaurants’ delivery partner of choice throughout January.